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May. 26th, 2031 06:03 pm
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Name: Clover
Age: She's nineteen, though she looks a tiny bit young for her age
Team: Peridot

Height/Build: Skinny, average height.
Hair Color/Eye Color: Pink (very curly) and blue, respectively.
Notable Traits If there are any: She has a tendency to pull on the ends of her hair when anxious.

Other any special pings or anything that might be innate and needed to be mentioned?

She'll eventually regain esper skills, but for now, she seems to be a normal girl.
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Trivial Negative - Santa goes nuts, kidnapping June, Lotus and Ace
Regained: Game #226
Form: Memories come in the form of a ballpoint pen. Uncap it to view the memory. Works twice. Afterwards, it is a very functional pen.
Taken? Yes

Script behind cut )

+ Don't look at the coffin, ignore that coffin! It only makes you think bad things
+ I can math. Math doesn't lead to happiness.
+ Actually kinda giving a shit about and worrying for Seven. That's new.
+ I'd trusted that Santa guy. I'd thought I could trust him! Well, that puts a damper on the whole trust thing.
+ And now, the three of us are fucked
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Significant Positive - Light gathering four-leaf clovers for her birthdays
Regained: Game #224
Form: A feather in your team colour. How odd . . . When you touch it and think about taking your memory, it hovers in the air for a while, then floats gently back down again. Unlimited uses, but the memories fade over time . . .
Taken? No

Referenced here )

+ She knows her brother's been doing this for her every year since she was born
+ So much Light dere. Cannot cope. No cope at all!
+ Knows about the four leaf words
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Trivial Positive - 1st class cabin and casino, with Light, Ace and Seven.
Regained: Game #223
Form: a candle in your team color. Light it to view your memory. 9 uses. (From Pandora's game, hurk.)
Taken? No

This memory takes place while Junpei is in the other location, so there's no script for it. However, we know what this segment is like from a timeline where Junpei does go through there. Beyond this door are the first-class cabin and the casino. Both are pretty fun, playful locations.

Things learned/reactions:
- Light can play the piano (though needed her help with this particular setup)
- I'm just going to roll with headcanon that Clover's decently musical as well
- She likes pretty, fancy things (like Peridot hasn't already made that clear...)
- Seven's got some kind of amnesia. Or possibly is having them on. Can't decide if he's sketch or not. Will assume sketch until proven otherwise. He sure seems to remember all kindsa stuff about gambling, though.
- Having a memory where she and Light are still together in the Nonary Game is like a balm, but she's aware this takes place before he goes missing, so the worry's still there.
- Keeping that safe they never did unlock in mind...
- In retrospect, I'm gonna cut down this memory so that it only features the rooms themselves, breaking off actually going through Door 5 (and thus past the 9th Man's body into a separate thing. Whoops...)
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Trivial Neutral - Psychic tests at the hospital
Regained: Game #221
Form: candy pencils in your team color. They’re the size of real pencils, and break cleanly into three equal sections for three uses total.
Taken? No

The contents of this memory are mentioned but not seen onscreen. Basically, all the participants of the first Nonary game were screened when they came in for checkups at a particular hospital. So Clover and Light got run through a barrage of supposed psych evaluations made to look like games. "Guess the Card," that sort of thing. The primary screening factor was whether or not they picked the same things the other one did, while physically separated and unable to conventionally communicate. Not that they knew any of this.

Clover can now guess what this was actually all about, and she's NOT HAPPY. The memory itself is pretty uneventful, though. She just wishes she could yell at past her and let her know what was happening.
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(Comparatively) Trivial Negative - Light is missing
Regained: Game #220
Form: a pair of handkerchiefs. Give one to someone and keep the other and you'll both receive the memory simultaneously (forced shareable). Your initials will appear on the handkerchiefs after.
Taken? No

Script excerpt )

- Dampened slightly by the fact that she already knew Light was missing from another memory
- More likely to run away when upset/traumatized, instead of engaging. Poor coping mechanisms a go!
- Extra anxiety for her brother
- Extra determination to win and get back memories at any cost!
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Trivial Positive - Shopping with Alice
Regained: Game #218
Form: a leather tankard full of wine. Each sip is a memory share, until the wine runs out.

This memory is also known as the origin of Clover's taste in clothes which cover as little as is humanly possible. Alice is awesome, and she dresses like that, so let's emulate her!

She doesn't really know who Alice is from this memory, other than her hot, awesome friend. But really, hot awesome friend is a good thing to have!

- Major Alice dere
- Bemoaning Camelot's weather. Can't wear short-shorts. :(
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Significant Neutral - Light's accident and recovery
Regained: Game #215
Form: two paper dolls attached together at the arm. You and a friend must pull on the dolls to tear them apart and view the memory.
Taken? Yes (shared with Ven)

Clover's brother was in a major accident when she was a kid and he was in his teens. Canon doesn't specify, but I tend to assume car accident. He wound up losing one of his arms and his sight. His family probably thought he was going to die for a while there, but then he pulled through. And then slowly got his life back on track, disability or no, cause he's a BAMF.

- Overwhelming amounts of love for her brother! "I can't live without this person" amounts.
- Flailing and concern over anything bad ever happening to him
- ...But faith in him, too. Cause he's tough.
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Significant Negative - The First Nonary Game
Regained: Game #213
Form: five lime-flavored candies
Taken? No

...And then, Clover got one of her worst Sig Negs as her second memory regain. Sob.

Cut for spoilers )

- Yep. Trauma. Lots of trauma.
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Resisting Interrogation (SOIS)

Regained: Skill Game #38
Form: full shot glasses—is this water? Yes, it is in fact water
Taken? Yes

Clover now knows various techniques for resisting interrogation. Thing is, she's a rookie. She hasn't actually internalized any of it yet. So if someone tried to get information out of her, it's not that she'd be able to resist them, it's that she'd recall various ways she could, if only she were better at it/more seasoned. And then, she'd probably not feel all that great about herself.
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Okay, Clover's close enough to 1000 comments, I'd say it's question meme time! Ask me stuff. Questions about Roxas, Odile or past characters also work.
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Trivial Negative - Arguing over doors in the hospital room
Regained: Game #211
Form: A whole loaf of bread, which must be eaten to gain the memory
Taken? No

Cut for script )

Arguing about who goes through which doors. Oh, it's the digital roots thing again. Clover barely hears any of this, cause everything is terrible. Her mind is fogged with worry. Lotus is kind of a bitch. Dun cur. Ace pulls a self-sacrifice. Dumbass. (Only sort of care.) Junpei and June are having some kind of couple thing? Really dun cur. Ugh.

Where's Light?!
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Significant Neutral - Waking up in the third-class cabin, with her brother

Partial headcanon: We see Junpei go through this, and we hear Clover and Snake describe it, but we never see their POV on it.

She remembers waking up woozy, with her head throbbing, in a strange room that looks like a cabin on an old-fashioned ocean liner. She knows this place is unfamiliar and that scares her. There's a thick bracelet with a digital number four on it clamped around her wrist. It's not hers, and it won't come off no matter how much she fusses with it. There's a guy in the room with her - her brother, Light. Seeing him is a flood of relief. Everything will be all right, if he's here.

There's a cracking sound, and the cabin window shatters. Water begins to pour in, filling the room. The door won't budge. There's some kind of electronic lock on it. A frantic search of the room's items and puzzle solving ensue. The fact that her brother's blind is pretty noticeable, but it doesn't seem to deter him any, except when it comes to a - manual on digital roots, wtf? - and the number painted on the door, both of which she reads out loud for him. The digital roots thing finally helps them get the door open, and then they're running, down the hall and up the staircase, as the water keeps flooding in...

Then, boom, Aather.
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